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Congregation Adas Emuno has maintained a long tradition of Saturday morning Torah Study sessions, which run from 10 AM to noon. This tradition has expanded into our highly popular Text Study led by Rabbi Barry Schwartz. Come join us for our weekly Saturday morning sessions as we read and discuss the teachings and unfolding story of our people. Our Torah and Test Study sessions are open to all.

In previous years, sessions have been devoted to Torah and the other books of the Jewish Holy Scriptures, the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides, family dynamics in the Torah and Tanach, the history of the Reform movement and Judaism in America, the prophets, and turning points in Jewish history.

Saturday morning study sessions were held in the Adas Emuno Social Hall prior to the pandemic, and are being held online at present.

Torah Study Schedule, 5781 (2020-21) First Semester

Torah with Rashi

Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz

1.   Sept. 12        N’tzavim       (Moses I)

2.   Sept. 19       Rosh Hashanah (no session)     

3.   Sept. 26      Ha’azinu       (Moses II)

4.   Oct. 3          Sukkot          (Ecclesiastes)

5.   Oct.10         V’zot             (Moses III)

6.   Oct.17          Bereshith     (Adam and Eve)

7.   Oct.24         Noach           (Noah)

8.   Oct.31         Lech Lecha    (Abraham and Sarah)

9.   Nov.7          Bar Mitzvah  (no session)

10. Nov. 14       Bat Mitzvah  (no session)

11.  Nov. 21       Toldot            (Isaac and Rebekah)

12.  Nov.28       Vayetze          (Jacob and Leah/Rachel)

13.  Dec.5          Bat Mitzvah   (no session)

14.  Dec. 12       Vayshev         (Joseph I)

15.  Dec. 19       Miketz            (Joseph II)

16.  Dec.26        Vayigash     (Joseph III)

Torah Study Schedule, 5781 (2020-21) Second Semester

Torah with Rashi

Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz

17.    Jan. 2           Vayechi          (Joseph IV)

18.    Jan.9            Shemot          (Exodus I)

19.    Jan.16          Vaera             (Exodus II)

20.   Jan.23          Bo                   (Exodus III)

21.    Jan.30          Beshalah        (Exodus IV)

22.   Feb.6            Yitro               (Commandments I)

23.   Feb.13          Mishpatim    (Commandments II)

24.   Feb.20          Terumah       (Commandments III)           

25.   Feb. 27         T’zaveh           (Commandments IV)

26.   Mar.6           Ki Tisa            (Commandments V)

27.   Mar.13          V’yakhel         (Commandments VI)

28.   Mar.20         Bar mitzvah   (no session)

29.   Mar.27         Erev Pesach   (no session)

30.   Apr. 3          Pesach            (Song of Songs)

31.    Apr. 10        Shmini            (Sacrifice I)

32.   Apr.17          Tazria               (Sacrifice II)

33.   Apr.24          K’doshim         (Holiness Code)

34.   May 1           Emor                (Holidays)

35.   May 8           B’har                (Holidays II)

36.   May 15        Bar mitzvah      (no session)


Iris Karlin

Religious School Director

Shira Friedman

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